Infra Build PVT. LTD.
Infra Build PVT. LTD.


At Mahamaya Infrabuild, we believe nothing is more important than relationships. And nothing builds stronger bonds than honesty, transparency and truth. We are a company with an army background and our primary endeavour is to bring discipline to a highly erratic real estate industry.

We aim to achieve this by creating sustainable and futuristic residential, commercial and entertainment spaces that bring delight in every user interaction. By being fair to suppliers as much as we are to our customers. And by delivering experiences that aren’t broad sweeps but bring everyday moments of happiness to our customers.

Infra Build PVT. LTD.


We believe owning your own home should be much simpler than it is today. It should mean life-long sacrifice and cutting corners. It should be the right of every individual.

And that is what inspires us to create homes and commercial spaces are worth every last Rupee that you invest. Our focus has been, and always will be, to create real estate solutions that are real and possible today and not something that you have to wait for decades to realize.

Vision- Mahamaya Infrabuild
Infra Build PVT. LTD.


Mr. RB Yadav

Chairman, Mahamaya Infrabuild

Mr. Yadav has dedicated his life to serving the country in the Army Corps of Signals for over 22 years. The discipline of the army inspired him to run all his business ventures with equal precision and dedication. After retiring from the army, he spearheaded a slew of import/export business categories under the banner of Ganga Overseas. The company dealt in apparel, pulses, coal, fertilizer among many others and its efficiency and resultant success is still considered a hallmark in the sector.

He strives to bring in a similar success in the real estate and infrastructure sector through the same values of discipline, dedication and patriotism. He created Mahamaya Infrabuild in 2009 and has since laid the groundwork of what is to be a reawakening of the consciousness of the real estate industry.


MANAGING DIRECTOR, Mahamaya Infrabuild

A spirited entrepreneur, Ms. Poonam Yadav’s background in fashion design brings an aesthetic edge to Mahamaya Infrabuild that is hard to replicate. With an experience of over 13 years in import/export and apparel design, Ms. Yadav is the marketing acumen behind the company’s pioneering vision and philosophy.

Her future focused business acumen and ability to perceive oncoming change far before the market has given Mahamaya a definitive edge. Under her vision and foresight, Mahamaya is all set to take the leap to become an organization able and willing to compete on an international arena.

Infra Build PVT. LTD.


We are continuously on the lookout for people who are dynamic and perceptive to the changing fabric of the country’s consciousness. If you think you fit the bill send in your resume to:

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Infra Build PVT. LTD.


Mahamaya Infrabuild Pvt. Ltd., A Real Estate and Infrastructure Group.
Mahamaya Infrabuild Delhi, Lucknow
Infra Build PVT. LTD.


Our nation is going through tremendous change. And the India that will emerge post this era will be vastly different from the India that we see today. For any business to be successful, it must understand this new, emerging reality of the nation and deliver solutions that will stand true through the next age.

At Mahamaya, our background in commodities has time and again put us face to face with the precipice of change and fortunately, we have always emerged the victor. We aim to bring similar certainty to this changing dynamic and create products for our customers that stay relevant for decades to come and results for our investors that assure a continuously successful future.

Mr. R.B. Yadav,
Mahamaya Infrabuild

Chairman- Mahamaya Infrabuild
Infra Build PVT. LTD.


The Indian development industry is making massive strides forward. But it remains very focused on just the end delivery. At Mahamaya, we intend to infuse creativity in the process and enhance the end user experience as that can be the only true differentiator for any brand in the long term. We intend to do this in a unique manner taking the experience to a new level with each project.

Ms. Poonam Yadav,
Managing Director,
Mahamaya Infrabuild

Director- Mahamaya Infrabuild Pvt. Ltd.
Infra Build PVT. LTD.

Mahamaya offers you an opportunity to discover contemporary living at the place of educational prominence – Aligarh. Casa Greens is strategically nestled in the heart of the city, yet away from pollution and congestion. Come and experience peaceful living.

For more details read our brochure

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Infra Build PVT. LTD.

A world away from everydayness is also a world above it. It is the object of desire of all those who seek to attain solitude yet desire to stay close to all the things that make modern life. A balance as a harmonious is a feat unattainable by most. Be it a creator or a possessor.

It is a world that can only be crafted by dreamers and brought to life by those who hold the conviction to turn imagination to truth. At Mahamaya, dreams and conviction in equal parts are what the future is made of. We are working to create a tomorrow where aspirations don’t meet the hurdles of reality.

At The Sanctuary, passion is a force that drives innovation to create new benchmarks. It is a world that has been brought forth to compare with only the best in the world and an example that Lucknow will have to raise its standards to.