Infra Build PVT. LTD.


Mr. RB Yadav

Chairman, Mahamaya Infrabuild

Mr. Yadav has dedicated his life to serving the country in the Army Corps of Signals for over 22 years. The discipline of the army inspired him to run all his business ventures with equal precision and dedication. After retiring from the army, he spearheaded a slew of import/export business categories under the banner of Ganga Overseas. The company dealt in apparel, pulses, coal, fertilizer among many others and its efficiency and resultant success is still considered a hallmark in the sector.

He strives to bring in a similar success in the real estate and infrastructure sector through the same values of discipline, dedication and patriotism. He created Mahamaya Infrabuild in 2009 and has since laid the groundwork of what is to be a reawakening of the consciousness of the real estate industry.


MANAGING DIRECTOR, Mahamaya Infrabuild

A spirited entrepreneur, Ms. Poonam Yadav’s background in fashion design brings an aesthetic edge to Mahamaya Infrabuild that is hard to replicate. With an experience of over 13 years in import/export and apparel design, Ms. Yadav is the marketing acumen behind the company’s pioneering vision and philosophy.

Her future focused business acumen and ability to perceive oncoming change far before the market has given Mahamaya a definitive edge. Under her vision and foresight, Mahamaya is all set to take the leap to become an organization able and willing to compete on an international arena.


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